Terms and Conditions

All mare owners who use the stallions listed in the current stallion catalogue or on the website of the Ahlers Stallion Station to inseminate their mare accept the following terms and conditions for all present and future business relations:  


The breeding and insemination conditions of the Oldenburg private stallion owners apply. The breeding season begins on 1 February and ends on 31 July.


We require your semen order by 9.30 a.m. for same-day semen shipment.  


The semen order for each individual mare is made using the form provided on the website (semen order)


The semen order must contain the following information:


Desired stallion

Name and full address and telephone number of the mare's owner

Exact shipping address, if different from the mare's owner

Details of the mare (name, life number, copy of the lineage, dude). The semen supplied may only and be used exclusively for the mare indicated!

Your membership number from the breeding association where the breeding to be reported by us

responsible veterinarian who performs the insemination, with full address


The corresponding certificates must be submitted to the stallion owner at the beginning of the season. The stud fees are due after invoicing. The handing over of the stud certificate and the passing on to the Verband will only take place after the stud fee and shipping costs have been paid. 


For highly frequented stallions we reserve the right to only give 2 inseminations per horse. Should a stallion not be available during the breeding season for special reasons, frozen semen (TG) can be used if possible or another stallion of the station can be used on request. There is no entitlement to repayment of the stud fee. 

For the stallions Belissimo and Bon Vivaldi there is no stud fee splitting.


Advance payment discount only valid if payment is received before first semen shipment, otherwise the full stud fee is due.

For fresh semen deliveries of our stallions Best of Gold, Alpha Royal and Bugatti Gold we offer stud fee splitting as follows:

The first part of the stud fee for fresh semen orders is valid for the entire duration of the breeding season and must be paid by the breeder in any case. It covers all administrative costs. There is no entitlement to credits or discounts for the first stud fee. The first part of the stud fee is due with the first insemination of the mare. 


The second part of the stud fee is due when the mare is pregnant. Proof of non-pregnancy must be provided by the breeder with a veterinary certificate by October 1, without being asked. If the veterinary certificate is not available on October 1, the second stud fee is automatically due.


Not included in the stud fee are costs for EU certificate, shipping and pension costs.


In the case of embryo transfer, the full stud fee is payable for each embryo grown. If an embryo transfer is planned, please inform us.


For stallions from our offer that are offered via frozen semen (TG), the stud fee including costs for shipping and EU certificate must be paid in advance. The TG - stud fee is due in any case. There is no claim for credit in case of non-pregnancy. 

The shipping costs will be calculated separately and will be charged to the breeder, please ask for the exact costs. 


Boxes are available for the placement of mares. The daily rate for mares and mares with foals is 15,-€. The placement is at the risk of the owner. The stallion owner is only liable for damages caused by him or a vicarious agent intentionally or through gross negligence. This liability includes all damages that may occur during the placement of the mares and the feeding of the mares to the stallions. The stallion owner is not liable for damages caused by third parties. In order to cover the risk arising from the liability of the animal owner and the animal keeper, the owner must take out liability insurance. 


Dr. Kirsten Schwenzer is available for veterinary care. Swab samples from mares in good health, with the exception of Maiden mares, are required. The mare owner agrees that a specialist veterinarian may be called in at his expense if the stallion owner deems it appropriate. 


Place of jurisdiction and place of fulfillment is Oldenburg.